Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Ep. 142: Kyle Rutledge-Career Transition & ATicecreamclub

Kyle Rutledge spent a lot of his career in the secondary setting. Prior to COVID he felt things starting to shift and burnot beginning to set in. COVID then accelerated those feelings and left him in a tough spot about what he should do for his career, but also the care of his patients. Kyle discusses what it felt like to have burnout set in and how it began to impact him personally and professionally. He shares the signs he wished he would have recognized earlier and how it imapcted him.

Along with talking about burnout, Kyle shares how the ATicecreamclub came to be and how it has impacted him and the community it has created. What started out as a little bit of a joke has allowed for a sense of community all while getting to enjoy some ice cream. 

A great episode showing the importance of recognizing burnout and the impact of creating a community.

In This Episode:

+Transition from SSAT to clinical AT

+Burnout setting in, what it felt like

+Signs of burnout and loosing yourself

+ATicreamclub (Mimochi)

+Importance of community

Connect with Roland: 

Twitter: #KSR_ATC (https://twitter.com/KSR_ATC)

LinkedIn: Kyle Rutledge (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyle-rutledge-ms-mha-at-atc-944265186/)

Twitter: @ATicecreamclub (https://twitter.com/ATicecreamclub)




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