Thursday, January 11, 2024

Ep. 156: Sandy & Randy Harris-AT Corner

Sandy and Randy Harris started the AT Corner Podcast and if you’ve been around AT social media and the podcast world, you’ve likely come across them. If you haven’t, you need to check them out. We got the chance to connect with them which was long overdue and we talked about their origin story and how things came to be with the podcast. 

They share their great story on how the idea of the podcast came up and how it evolved, even from the beginning stages. They also talk about how the most amazing thing from the experience has been creating a community for athletic trainers to come in and talk to each other and ask for advice and input, without the fear of being ridiculed in the process. They also talk about all the different types of episodes they put out with a focus on research and also the stories of athletic trainers. 

It was great to meet and connect with Sandy and Randy and we wlook forward to connecting again in the future. 

In This Episode:

+The origin story of AT Corner Podcast

+Bringing in research and stories

+Building a community

+Providing CEUs with episodes

+Tips on starting a podcast

Connect with AT Corner

+Instagram: @ATcornerpodcast

+@: atcornerds@gmail.com

www.: https://atcornerds.wixsite.com/home 




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